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This night was run by Master Builders Parties ( but could be done by anyone with enough Lego.
We covered the requirements for the Builder Activity badge as well as requirements for the Skills Challenge and Creative Activity badges.


Builder Badge Worksheet for designing
Copious amounts of Lego


Night starts with tower building relay. Lodges start with a tower built of 20 2x4 Lego bricks stacked in alternating directions. Beavers work in teams racing back and forwards with one brick at a time to rebuild the tower at the far end of the hall in a relay.
Beavers then draw the designs for their machines on the worksheets and complete a list of the parts that they think they will need to build them. The machines should be designed to help us in some way, not vehicles or weapons.
Beavers then have time to build their machines using the Lego available, they should be encouraged to be creative and to adapt their designs if needed depending on the parts available.
Once built the Beavers should spend some time talking to a leader/Young Leader about how long their machine took to finish, if anything went wrong any design changes they made during the build and what they would change if they built it again.
Models could be displayed for parents to see at the end of the night.


  • construction
  • lego
  • lego models
  • lego, relay, race, images, bricks

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