Mission Grassy Knees

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Incident Hike with Six Elements
1. Map reading
2. First Aid
3. Communication
4. Team Work
5. Pioneering
6. Speed


Based on 4 teams
8 x 2m poles
8 x 0.5m Poles
16 x short lashing ropes
4 x long ropes
5 x 2 way radios


Teams are sent in different directions with certain kit and a 2 way radio. When they arrive at their first check point they are presented with a message that tells them what to do. They need to deal with an unconscious person, construct the stretcher defined on the sheet, procure the items they need from the other teams and return to base in the shortest time. The first team back is the winner.

1. All Scouts in the team are to be utilised.
2. The stretcher MUST be the design shown.
3. Parts requested by other teams must be surrendered at a mutual location if you team has them.
4. If requested you must relay messages to other teams if they are not in direct contact.
5. Smallest sub-group size is 3.
6. Sabotage of another’s kit or stretcher will result in disqualification.
7. Any other questions can be clarified by radio to Lima Team HQ
8. The first team back to base is the winner, as long as all rules are followed.
9. Lima Team Decisions are final and unbending.


  • communication
  • first aid
  • Incident Hike
  • pioneering stretcher
  • stretchers

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