World Thinking Day 2018: Impact Compass No.6

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Learning Outcome: Understand and evaluate the change we create through the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting experience, and what we offer to our members and the community.


Preparation: Markers and a large piece of paper.


This is a very simple tool that younger and older members can use to explore the impact of a programme or project you run with your group, and evaluate how to improve it.
You can run this activity at the end of the World Thinking Day celebrations to see the impact you made!

Make an H in the middle of a large sheet of flipchart paper (see diagram below) and write the following headings:

Name of the programme/project
:) Positive change that the programme or project made
:( Challenges we faced
٭ Suggestions on how to improve

Ask your group to fill in the name of the programme or project that is being evaluated in the top middle panel.

• Under the smiley face symbol, :), ask the group to consider all the positive changes they experienced while taking part in the programme, and make a list. Did they learn something new? Encourage them to discuss and share success examples, and why these examples indicate a change.
• Under the sad face symbol :(, ask them to list the challenges they faced while doing the programme
• Under the star symbol, ٭ , ask participants to share and list their suggestions for how this programme can improve
• Discuss as a group what they’ve written.


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