World Thinking Day 2018: Impact Two Stars No.3

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Learning outcome: Learn a new language and appreciate diversity


Preparations: (Optional) Write the Swahili words below on big signs so that they are easier for your member to read.


Did you know? Kusafiri (located in countries across Africa) is a Swahili word meaning "to journey".
Let´s have more fun with Swahili words!

Step 1.
Ask the group to spread out and pick one volunteer to be ‘Kusafiri’ who will read out the Swahili words below:

Tuungane: let us unite
Tucheze: let us dance
Tufurahi: let us be happy
Tusherehekehe: let us celebrate

Note for facilitators: don’t worry if you cannot pronounce the words correctly! This activity is about appreciating diversity!
Agree on a movement that will represent each word. When the group is ready, ‘Kusafiri’ starts calling out each word, one by one.
As each word is read, the rest of the group has to do the respective movement. Every time someone makes a mistake, they have to withdraw from the group.
The last person who follows all of ‘Kusafiri’s’ commands correctly wins!

For younger members: you can try first with two or three words and then add the rest.

Step 2.
Do you have youth members from your group whose mother tongue is different from other group members?
Ask them to teach you how the Swahili words are translated in their language.
Add these words to Kusafiri’s commands and ask the group to remember which movements match each new word.

Discuss with the group:
• How easy or hard was it to learn the words?
• How easy was it to remember the movements?

Explain that different languages have different ways of achieving the same functional goals. This activity wanted to demonstrate this, by calling ‘tuungane’ in different languages, but creating the same outcome.
• Ask the group if they enjoyed learning the new words?
• Does anyone know what diversity means?

Discuss the definition of diversity: understanding that each individual is unique and recognising our individual differences.
In order to make a bigger and more meaningful change we need to be able to understand and appreciate things that are different to us.
Bringing positive impact is all about appreciating diversity and even if we are different, we want to be united.

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