World Thinking Day 2018: Impact Two Stars No.6

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Learning outcome: Understand how to work positively with others


Preparations: Two coins or small pebbles, one per team.


This game requires concentration, communication, strategy and powers of observation. Split your group into two teams. Have the teams sit in two parallel lines facing each other about a metre apart.

Each line receives a coin which is passed or appears to be passed down the line. Each person can pass the coin or just appear to pass it on. Hands must be kept in front of the body. Both lines pass at the same time.
The participants should be watching the other team, not their own, to see if they can figure out where the coin stops.
When the passing reaches the ends of the lines, each group huddles to choose who on the other team has the coin.
Then ask the teams to come back and sit in their original lines. The head of the line gets up and goes to the end of the line and this repeats until everyone has a chance to lead the line.
If you have a large group, then make more lines and rotate after each round.

Discuss with your group:
• How did your team determine who had the coin?
• What could your team have done better to figure out who had the coin on the other team?
• How can communicating and working together influence impact?

Share photos of your group playing the game with WAGGGS and Pax Lodge via social media.

Twitter: @wagggs_world | @PaxLodge
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#ThisIsImpact | #WTD2018

Did you know? Pax Lodge (located in the United Kingdom) was built by the generous donations of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from around the world.
They collaborated for a common cause and their impact was huge: a new World Centre in London was established.

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