Coming in activity - decorate a biscuit

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Keas decorate a cupcake or biscuit each to enjoy at the end of the session.
IMPORTANT - check with parents for any allergies and adapt items to cater for Kea with allergies.


Ready made biscuits
Different colours of icing
100s & 1000s / Chocolate sprinkles
Spoons to spread icing


Kea to wash and dry their hands.
Give each Kea a piece of lunch paper for the area of the table they will be working on - they are to write their name on the paper.
Take two biscuits and place on paper, ready to spread icing on the bottom half of one biscuit.
Place the bottom of the 2nd biscuit on top of the icing.
Kea are now ready to ice & decorate the top of their biscuit sandwich.
Place the finished biscuits in a tray, cover and set aside.


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