Non-slip socks

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Kea to make a gift - receipent yet to be determined.


A pair of adult socks suitable for decorating
Fabric puff/dimensional paint (such as Tulip slick paint)
Cardboard cut-outs of feet (to put inside the sock whilst painting
Tarps to protect tables
Kea to wear an old t-shirt / shirt as paint is permanent and will not wash out.


1. Give each Kea cardboard cut-outs to put inside the socks (they may need help with this)
2. Keas paint a pattern/design on the bottom of each sock
3. To avoid smudging the paint, start painting at the top of the sock and work towards the bottom.
4. Put the socks on a paper plate to dry. If you need the socks to dry quickly, you can partially dry them with a hairdryer.


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