Experiments in Bases

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Some ideas for a selection of bases - you should be able to do around 6 in an hour, and all the equipment needed is simple that most of us will easily have.
We set up 5 tables and the equipment needed on each one, with a print out from the attached booklet. You need one leader/young leader per base and have 5-6 children at each base. Some take longer than others so having one extra base with a leader is useful if possible. One base was flexible (bouncing balls) so we kept that to do if time (we didn't in the hour) but we will do one more week doing different experiments and talking about the ones we have already covered. This gives children a chance to earn the badge over two weeks in case someone misses one session.


Washing up liquid, milk, water, food colouring, raising, lemonade, coca cola, mentos, football, small ball, coins, pens/paper - one adult/young leader at each base


See the attached booklet - ideas are collated from around the web and I tailored them to suit my group. I have put as a word doc so you can edit to suit yours.


  • bouncing balls
  • coin tossing
  • dancing raisins
  • experiments
  • magic milk
  • rainbow sweet magic
  • science

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