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The Pippin Song - in English. There are lots of different versions - please share your one here and include the tune.
Added by the GGNZ Programme Team
Some suggestions made by Pippin Leaders in GGNZ Pippin Leaders FB Group


Words written up for leaders and Pippins to read


Sung to the tune of This Old Man - hum it through a few times first so the girls have the tune in their head before trying to sing the Pippin song. You may need to read the words through a few times so the girls know how to say them.
Pippins Care, Pippins share, with other children everywhere, so come and join us and you'll see, Pippins is the place to be.
See page 6 of the Pippin workbook for the words

Sung to the tune of Frère Jacques - link little fingers in a circle, swing arms gently
We are Pippins, we are Pippins
We have fun, we have fun
Come along and join us, come along and join us
One by one
One by one

Other versions noted in the attached document


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