Marbled nail varnish mugs

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Create a marbled effect on a white ceramic mug using nail varnish


White ceramic mug
Nail polish (not quick dry)
Toothpicks (optional)
Large, deep, disposable plastic container that you don’t mind getting messy
Paper towel
Nail polish remover (in case need to start over)


1. Fill the container with warm water (varnish dries quickly on water, so the hotter the better - but stay safe!)
2. Pour the nail varnish into the water (stay close to the surface or it'll drop to the bottom). Can do drops that spread or swish lines.
3. Working quickly, use a toothpick to make swirls (optional)
4. Dip the mug in at an angle, trying to stay away from where someone will drink, then lift out.
5. Turn mugs upside down to dry. Optionally use nail varnish remover to clean the bottom of the mug.
6. It works better with fresh water each time


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