Simple Grid Reference Game

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Practice the Grid Reference Skills in a fun simple way.
Can be simplified for 4 figure up to 6 figure and more complex secessions
Can be completed outside using string ot tape if you want a more challenging environment


Pack of Playing cards
Masking Tape / or something else to demark the grid
Marker Pens


Leader to mark out the Hall floor using the masking tape in a grid formation
On one side mark the start of each masking tape with a card suit (Heart, Diamond, Club, or Spade) - for Cubs use more but different icons progressing to Letters of the Alphabet and for Scouts use Letters of the Alphabet
On the tape at the top annotate with numbers
The children sit on a bench
One at a time the leader holds up a card (or shouts out a grid reference and the child whose turn it is has to run to that grid
Proceed till all the children have got to a grid
The Leader may say all Blue Lodge/pack etc to go to XX 4, they mus all get to the correct reference and try to stay in that referance
You can continue this with All children whose first name begins with the letter T for example.
You can simplify or make this as complex as you require


  • grid reference introduction
  • grid references
  • grid work
  • Navagation
  • navigation
  • Navigation Skills
  • navigation, problem solving
  • Navigator
  • Navigator stage 1
  • Navigator stage 2

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