Catch the Snakes

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A variation of the magnetic fishing game, but with a St Patricks Day twist, The Cubs have to rid " Ireland" of it's snakes


Paper Clips
Pictures of Snakes
Bamboo Canes
Bowl or box to represent Ireland (or a large map of Ireland) for each team


Make "fishing rods using the canes, string and magnets and attach paper clips to the snakes

Tell the Cubs the story of St Patrick and how he drove all the snakes out of Ireland
1. Cubs form up in teams at one end of the hall, explain that the area represents Ireland and that they are going to be St Patrick and that they have to "rid" Ireland of all the "snakes"
2.. Give each team a "rod"
3.. Place a bowl of snakes at the other end of the hall in front of each team
4. One at a time the Cubs run up to the bowl and try and catch a snake, once they have caught a snake they return to their team
5. First team to empty their "Ireland" of snakes wins


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