Hot Potato

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A fast pace game to play on St Patricks day involving potatoes, leprechauns and shamrocks


Bean Bag


1. Have the players sit cross-legged in a circle.
2. One player sits in the middle of the circle; this player is the leprechaun.
3. The leprechaun starts the game by throwing a "potato" to one of the players in the circle.
4. The leprechaun then closes their eyes and keeps them closed while the potato is passed among the players in the circle. 5. After the potato has been passed for a while, the leprechaun shouts, "Shamrock!" and opens her eyes.
6. The player holding the potato at that moment leaves the circle and is out of the game.
7. Play continues until only one player is left in the circle.
8. That player is the winner and gets to be the leprechaun for the next game.
9. Keep playing until each player has had a turn as the leprechaun


  • Leprechaun
  • patron saint
  • Potatoes
  • shamrock
  • St Patricks Day

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