Quirkle Match Relay

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A relay matching game where the YPs have to run to a match a six Qwirkle cubes to a pattern provided in a photo.
The aim of the activity is communication and being able to lead a small team to follow instructions a complete a simple activity.


Qwirkle Cubes (1 of each colour per team)
Set of photos of pattern for each team.


1/ Get YPs in teams of 6 and give each team a set of Qwirkle Cubs
2/ Place a set of photos per team somewhere in hall or with a leader.
3/ First team member runs and collects a photo.
4/ The runner has to describe to photo to the rest of their team, they are not allowed to touch the cubes at all. - may need to give suggestions on how to describe.
5/ When team have correctly matched the photo the next person in the team runs and collects a second photo.
6/ Repeat from point 4.



Badge Links

  • Communicator - Directions
  • Team Leader - Lead
  • Teamwork - Team-building