Rainbow Tag

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A fun outdoor game based on colours of the rainbow. Easily adapted for different age groups.


• Five lollipop sticks, each one painted with a colour of the rainbow

• Five sheets of small stickers in each colour of the rainbow

• Big black T-shirt


1. To prepare, hide each stick along with the matching colour of stickers in a different place around the area.

2. Choose someone to be the Colour Snatcher, the player who sneaks around trying to tag the other players and undo their progress. Give them the black shirt to wear.

3. To play, set everyone but the Snatcher out in search of the sticks.

4. Each time a player finds one of the coloured sticks they should:

• Not give away the location to others.

• Put one of the accompanying stickers on their face.

• Leave the stick and sheet of stickers in place.

• Bluffing is encouraged to keep the locations secret.

5. The catch: the Snatcher will be lurking, trying to tag the players. Every time they do, they may take off one of their prey's stickers.

6. The first player to get one sticker in each colour wins.


  • game energetic
  • Outdoor activity
  • rainbow

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