GGNZ Stone Soup

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Make Stone Soup from a stone and a variety of vegetables brought in by the girls.
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Large cooking pot
Large clean stone
Peelers, knives, chopping boards
Opt - a tin or packet soup to taste


Prepare the vegetables, brought in by the girls, and add to a pot of water with a large, clean stone. Season it to taste and put on the stove to cook. This can take a couple of hours - so might be better suited to a sleepover or camp.
Another way to do this is to get the girls to bring vegetables and donate them to a food bank or shelter. Make sure the parents know this is what is happening with the vegetables. Then heat a packet or tin of soup and give each pippin a chance to sample it. This would be a much quicker way to make "Stone Soup" and have something to taste.
Read the story and discuss what the villagers learnt
Be sure to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen after cooking. Get the Pippins to help with this.


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