Easter Bunny cupcake decorating

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Make cupcakes and decorate as an Easter Bunny


- cupcakes (recipe attached, need to scale for required number)
- buttercream icing
- white chocolate, grated
- chocolate chips (for eyes)
- chocolate chunks (for nose)
- strawberry laces (whiskers)
- mini-marshmallows (optional alternative for teeth)
- big marshmallow chopped in half for ears (easier than cutting top off


- Spread buttercream on cupcake
- Sprinkle grated white chocolate onto cupcakes
- Halved big marshmallows for ears
- Choc chips for eyes
- Choc chunks (or cut slab of chocolate) for nose
- Small white marshmallows for teeth
- Use half a length of Strawberry laces to break into short pieces for whiskers (let them eat the rest!)

(taken from Aldi baking suggestion attached)


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