GGNZ Frozen Treasure Hunt

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Freeze small items into blocks of ice and get the girls to get them out using tools and warm water.

Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


Add small toys, plastic coins, shells, plastic lids, dinosaurs, plastic lids, pom poms or other small non breakable objects into blocks of ice. A large block of ice could be fun but so will several smaller blocks. Be sure to have enough for all the girls to have a turn.
Hammers, screw drivers, sticks, spray bottles of warm water
Safety goggles, gloves


Freeze the small items into blocks of ice
Encourage the girls to get the 'treasures' out of the ice using the tools

Consider freezing badges into the ice block.
If everyone is getting the same badge, one big block of ice will work well. Freeze the container a third full of water, add some badges, cover with water and freeze again, keep adding and freezing till the badges are all included. If they are all in one clump, they float to the surface and are easier to get out. Freezing in layers makes it a little more challenging.
If everyone is getting different badges, consider individual ice blocks for each girl – this may take longer to prepare.


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