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Cook pikelets on an outdoor cooker eg hobo stove, gas cooker, bbq

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Ingredients for pikelets
Measuring spoons and cups, other utensils including a fish slice or similar for turning
Bucket of water and fire blanket
Depending on your cooking method
- a shallow fry pan
- cooker


Set up your cooker on a flat surface - not directly on the grass.
Have your fire blanket and bucket of water close by.
Make sure girls have washed their hands and tied their long hair back.
Get the girls to prepare the pikelet mix.
Let each girl pour, flip and cook her own pikelet.

If you are unfamiliar with the cooking method you have chosen - practise at home beforehand so you feel confident when doing this with the girls. Consider asking another leader in your local team to come to assist you - the Brownie or Guide leaders may be more confident with buddy burners and gas stoves - and may be able to lend them to you to use - or come and teach you and the girls.

Think about how you will mange the group while doing this activity. Having the whole unit standing around watching while one Pippin cooks at a time might get boring for those waiting.
splitting the group and having a game or another activity running and then swap over
having a couple of cookers going at once - with an adult to supervise each one making the overall wait time less
having a group activity running and take girls one or two at a time to cook


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