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Language learning game.


Blind folds


Create groups with three or four members and assign them a specific word or phrase. If you have a smaller class, or if you just want scouts to take longer to finish the game, consider having pairs instead. (The smaller the groups, the longer the game. You’ll soon discover why.)

The assigned word or phrase will be the group’s cattle call. They’ll bellow out those words or phrases as soon as the game starts.

Why? Oh, because the students will be blindfolded and mixed with other groups. The goal is to find all their members as quickly as possible.

At the sound of a whistle, everyone tries to locate their group by calling out to them using their cattle call. And these target words or phrases could be anything. For example, you can use greetings: “Manao ahoana” (Good morning!), or “Veloma” (Bye!) etc. You can also use Malagasy colours, days of the week, numbers, etc.

The words don’t even have to belong to the same category or topic. The important thing is that your students are actually walking and talking in the target language. They’re also honing their ears while listening for it.

Instruct the Scouts to raise their hands if they think they’ve rounded up every last member of their team. The first one to do this wins!

You can have several rounds of the game and assign different words for the groups each time. That’ll give the kids more time to practice more words.

You can play this inside the scout hall or outdoors. Just make sure to clear the area from objects that may cause scouts to stumble. Also, be on the lookout for “strays,” or scout who venture too far from herd.

This is a fun game that’ll easily become your scouts favorite.


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