Making St George's sword and shield

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Cubs make a sword and shield so they can pretend to be St George!


Swords - long tubes (like those found in centre of rolls of wrapping paper), paper plates, foil.
Shields - big circles of strong card, strong card strips for handles, duct tape, pictures of dragons (cut out), small scrunched up balls of foil.
Both - felt tips.


Swords - prepare paper plates in advance. These are to be the handles for the swords. Cut a hole as big as the tube in the centre of each plate and a cut from the hole to the outside of the plate.
Each Beaver has a tube and puts the plate on one end leaving about 20cm between the plate and the end of the tube. The plate is then pulled over itself to make a conical shape and stapled.
Foil is put over the other end of the tube and sellotaped to it.
The Beavers decorate the tubes using felt tips.

Shields - cut out pictures of dragons and scrunch small balls of foil in advance.
Beavers stick the pictures of dragons to the centre of the card circle and stick the small balls of foil in a ring round the outside edge of the circle (as the studs on the shield). They can also decorate the shield using felt tips.
Stick a handle on the back using duct tape to make it secure.


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