Cub Athletics (and Plus)

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A 2 hour session based around helping the Cub achieve the Cub Athletics Badge whilst other members of the Pack who already hold the Badge can work towards Athletics Plus.
Cubs warm up at start and warm down at the end. They take part in a wide range of track and field activities, possibly including school sports day style activities (egg and spoon; sack race).


May need: batons, sacks, space hoppers, egg and spoons, items to make an obstacle course, cricket ball, skipping rope, cones to mark out a course, tape and a stopwatch (last two are essential if some Cubs are working towards Athletics Plus).


Start session with a warm up. Cubs explain their choice of clothing for the activity. During the session they take part in: 1x throwing activity; 1x jumping activity; 2x running activities and 1x team activity. Finish the session with a warm down. For Cubs undertaking the Athletics plus you will need to have at least 6 activities from the following list (and then use their best 6): 50m sprint, cricket ball throw, long jump, sargent jump, shuttle run - 6x10m, 50m skip, 1,000m run, 4x 100m relay and if specialist equipment is available high jump.


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