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Does Air Weigh Anything?


 A4 Clipboard
 Wooden Dowel 4 x 900 mm
 1 piece of strip-wood 4 x 18 x 900 mm
 3 Bulldog clips
 4 Balloons (same size)
 2 Paperclips (same size)
 Balloon Pump


Aim of Badge
To discover STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in an easy and fun way through simple experiments and activities.

This Badge has 12 options of which 5 must be completed
(1 Leader Demonstration Option and 4 Ladybird Options)

• Does air weigh anything?
• This is an odd question
• On the one hand, it just seems to float there
• We use the phrase “light as air” meaning something is weightless...is it really?
• However, a strong wind can pull branches down and send things flying
• Air does, in fact, have weight and here’s a simple way to prove it.

Please see attached file

Acknowledgement/Source https://indianapublicmedia.org/amomentofscience/heavy-air/


  • Branch Weekend 2018
  • Does Air Weigh Anything?
  • interest badge
  • Interest Badge Ladybird STEM
  • Ladybird STEM
  • South West Regional Conference 2018
  • Trefoil News Summer 2018

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