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 Ruler (wooden or plastic)
 Two different size spoons (i.e. teaspoon and serving spoon)
 String / yarn approx. 4 feet per Ladybird


Aim of Badge
To discover STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in an easy and fun way through simple experiments and activities.

This Badge has 12 options of which 5 must be completed
(1 Leader Demonstration Option and 4 Ladybird Options)
1. First, create a loop in the middle of the yarn/string and insert the handle of the spoon.
2. Pull tightly so that the spoon hangs in the centre of the yarn/string and you have two long pieces of approximately equal length.
3. Take each string and wrap them around your pointer finger on each hand.
4. Then hold the string against each ear (not into the ear but just outside like you are going to plug your ears !!
5. You'll want the spoon to hang just below the waist once both ends of the yarn are placed near the ears
6. Once the string in pushed against the ears, have someone GENTLY hit the ruler against the round part of the spoon -- and watch the look on the Ladybirds face (priceless!)

 Warning: Kids often think that the HARDER they hit the spoon, the louder the sound -- be sure to test out this theory too!
 If you are using a small spoon, you should hear a distinct bell sound -- with a larger spoon, it will sound more like a gong.


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  • South West Regional Conference 2018
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