IGG Interest Badge Guide Engineering Option 01 (a)

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1. What is engineering? (a) Play an engineering game (Engineering Snap)


 Pictures of different types of engineering (see overleaf
 Matching descriptions
 A4 White card
 Laminator(optional)


Aim of Badge To take on an engineering project – everyone can be an engineer!

This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed
Option 4 has 5 sub sections of which 1 must be completed using the engineering design process

Engineering Snap

This activity will begin to identify different types of engineering
• Photocopy the pictures and descriptions cards (see overleaf)
• Cut into individual cards

 Divide the Unit into teams/Patrols
 Give each team a set of pictures and description cards
 Turn both set of cards face down on the playing surface
 Ready Steady! Go!
 The winning team is the first to complete all the matches correctly

STEPS Engineering Disciplines and Description for Engineering Game

Attachments/Template needed for activity? Yes 3 pages


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  • Trefoil News Summer 2018
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