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Identify the seven principles of Leave no Trace (Quiz)


 Leave no Trace quiz questions (overleaf)


Talk to the girls about the Leave no Trace principles:
• Plan ahead and be prepared
• Be considerate of others
• Respect farm animals and wildlife
• Travel and camp on durable ground
• Leave what you find
• Dispose of waste properly
• Minimise the effects of fire

Practicing the “Leave no Trace” ethic is very simple: Just make it hard for others to see or hear you and ‘Leave no Trace’ of your visit.
Leave no Trace Quiz

Method One
1. Ask the Brownies to stand in the middle of the hall
2. Assign one end ‘true’ and the other end ‘false’
3. The girls must run to the correct end depending on whether the answer to each of the quiz statements is true or false
Method Two
1. Brownies all stand at one end of the meeting room
2. Leader reads out statement
3. If Brownie thinks the answer is true she takes a step forward. If you think it’s false she doesn’t move
4. If she gives an incorrect answer she takes a step back

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