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A race of 'life' to get the prize at the end with a twist.


Bag of sweets, pen and paper


To highlight how unfair the world can be, get the scouts to race for kind of prize- like a bag of sweets. Everyone starts as the same starting line but then you start to give head starts to people. For example "Take one step forward if you are a male" Take one step forward if you have blue eyes". Obviously after a while there will be a big divide between people and the people furthest at the back will see how unfair this is. This highlights the "head starts" people can have in life and the gaps in things such as wage or job opportunities, university places.

This can also be done for thing with disabilities so "you've been in a terrible car accident as a child and need to use a wheel chair- take two steps back" -Highlighting how disabilities can cause barriers for people in the race of life but they can overcome them.


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