IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Engineering Option 02

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Explore examples of Engineering (Engineering on Holiday Poster )


Per Six
 Paper
 Pen/Pencil
 Printed copies of poster (in colour preferably)


Aim of Badge Engineering is everywhere and everyone can be an engineer!

This Badge has 3 options of which 3 must be completed

Engineering on Holidays Poster

The aim of this short exercise is for the Brownies to become aware of the hidden presence of engineering, and to highlight to them that examples of engineering are everywhere!
For this activity please feel free to use the STEPS Poster ‘Engineering on Holidays’ However, a picture from the paper or a magazine of a built landscape can be used.
1. Give each Six the following items, a copy of Engineering on Holidays poster, paper and pen
2. Ask the Sixer to nominate one Brownie to write down their Six answers
3. Explain that each Six have two minutes to try and identify as many examples of engineering as they can
4. Once the time is up, ask the Pack to join the Pow-wow circle
5. Each Six total the number of examples they found and share their total number with the Pack
6. The Six with the greatest number reads out their examples
7. Other Sixes tick if they also have the same examples
8. Ask the other Sixes if they had additional examples
9. A Leader takes note of all the examples shared and compare it to the list (see overleaf) and shares examples that have not been mentioned and which area of
Engineering is involved.

Hint for Leaders: Try not to say that any answer is wrong: The central intention is not for the Brownies to be absolutely precise in their answers but to get them thinking, seeing and questioning.

Start a discussion on how engineering is everywhere, are they amazed at how engineering touches so many aspects of our lives without our noticing!

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