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What is engineering? Imagine Planet Earth in 50 years.....
Think of possible engineering solutions for future problems
(Engineering Solutions for future problems)


 A3 size paper
 Pencils
 Markers
 Prompt Sheet (see overleaf)
 How Engineers solve flooding problems in Ireland (see overleaf)
 Printer


Aim of Badge To take on an engineering project – everyone can be an engineer!
This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed
Option 4 has 5 sub sections of which 1 must be completed using the engineering design process
Engineering Solutions for future problems
The central idea of this activity is to encourage Guides to think of engineering like an engineer – to identify a problem, typically one that affects the population, assess it and then think of possible solutions. This is a great opportunity for them to think outside the box with no limitations on their imagination.
• Give each Patrol a large sheet of paper, pencils, markers and a copy of the Prompt sheet (see overleaf)
• Explain each Patrol will work as a team to Imagine Planet Earth in 50 years
• Explain the following timeline to complete section one and two of the process. Leader will need to use a stop watch to keep the activity flowing.
1. Imagine what the Earth will look like in 50 years (5mins)
2. Potential Problems (8mins)
3. Possible Solutions (10 mins)

Leaders Hint: If required share the “Solve Flooding Problems in Ireland” poster (see overleaf)
• Each Patrol explain the sketch to the Unit showing what and where these problems arise (if possible)
Attachments/Template needed for activity? Yes 2 pages


  • Planet Earth
  • Branch Weekend 2018
  • Engineering Design Process
  • engineering solutions
  • Interest Badge Guide Engineering
  • Trefoil News Summer 2018

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