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Investigate Engineering Principles in your Patrol (Forces -Jet Balloon)


 Balloon for each Guide


Aim of Badge To take on an engineering project – everyone can be an engineer!

This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed
Option 4 has 5 sub sections of which 1 must be completed using the engineering design process

Forces Jet Balloon
We are very familiar with balloons, our favourite children’s party staple. But did you know that they could also be used by jet engines? Albeit for very tiny passengers!
Jet engines are complicated engineering feats. They revolutionised air travel when propeller craft were the order of the day. Suddenly planes could carry enormous loads over long distances. They are essentially gas turbines. They suck in air into a chamber where it becomes very hot and highly pressured. The gas is ignited and the heat drives the turbine engines, while the pressurised air is released resulting in jet propulsion.

1) Share the above information with the Guides
2) Use the Jet Engine picture (See overleaf) to help explain how it works
3) The basic principles of the ‘jet’ part of the jet engine can be explained and modelled using a simple balloon.
4) Complete the Jet Balloon exercise (see overleaf)

Engineering Ireland
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