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In your patrol, take on one of the listed below engineering challenges:
Following the engineering design process: Brainstorm, Draw, Construct and debrief (Engineering Design Process) Leader Background info




Aim of Badge To take on an engineering project – everyone can be an engineer!

This Badge has 4 options of which 4 must be completed
Option 4 has 5 sub sections of which 1 must be completed using the engineering design process

 For this part of the Engineering Badge, the Guides will put on their engineering hats and get the opportunity to think like an engineer
 Each challenge in Option 4 is a team project
 There are no set instructions other than to follow the Engineering Design Process we have set out overleaf
 Design thinking is the critical skill they will learn; the final product is less important
 The Engineering Design Process Chart and template to draw the final design as agreed by each Patrol is also reproduced in each project
 Suggested designs are include under each option

These are the potential engineering project for the Guides to undertake
Each project is listed on OGM separately
i. Build an iconic bridge
ii. Car safety design
iii. Mechanical hand
iv. Rollercoaster
v. Build a camp wash station

Engineering Ireland
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  • Interest Badge Guide Engineering
  • Trefoil News Summer 2018

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