IGG Ladybird Crafts for Fun

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3D Sun Picture


 White Paper Plates
 Yellow Card
 Crepe Paper in the following colours
 Yellow
 Orange / Red
 Glue
 Stapler
 String/wool
 Scissors


Prepare the following
• Print the template overleaf on to the yellow card
• Cut Crepe paper into roughly small square
• Cut string/ wool into desired lengths
• Divide the Unit into groups
• Give each Ladybird paper plates, yellow card, crepe paper, string/wool and scissors
• Each group will also need glue
• Ladybird cut yellow card along the line to make strips
(you may wish to have some prepared for younger Ladybirds)
• Fold in half and attach around the edge (this can be stapled, glued or sellotaped) on the top side of the plate
• String can also be added to top side of plate
• Crumple the yellow crepe paper and glue to bottom side of plate
• Crumple the orange/red crepe paper and glue to center
• An second plate can be glued onto the top side of the plate to hide all of the attachments


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