Special Dietary Requirments

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A look at the various special dietary requirements that may need to be thought about when planning a camp menu


Paper, Pens, Various foods to taste


Dietary Requirements

1. Get scouts to quickly write a 1 day menu for a camp including breakfast, lunch, dinner & supper.
2. Discuss with scouts different dietary requirements & food intolerance's
• Lactose intolerant
• Gluten / Wheat intolerant
• Celiac
• Vegetarian/Vegan
• Diabetic

3. Discuss if they thought about this when writing their menu?
4. Talk about food substitutes and ask if those without special dietary requirements would eat these?
5. Taste Challenge - let the scouts try standard food and their substitute and see if they can guess which one is standard.
• Bread – Gluten free bread
• Cheese – Lacto Free Cheese
• Sausage – veggie sausage
• Milk – Lacto Free Milk
• Biscuit – Sugar Free Biscuit
6. Ask how they would change their menu


  • Diet
  • menu Planning
  • taste test

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