Team Roles

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Give at least three examples of when you’ve been in different types of teams. Explain your role in those teams


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In pairs, ask the Scouts to think about times they worked or played with someone else or others.
They might talk about sports, homework clubs, peer learning, family time.
They could write these in a notebook or paper.
Follow on with a question
Describe the team roles. They might not get this at first so use an example like, a football team has a manager or boss, a capitain, a goalie, some forwards etc
Or a school which has a Head, Senior Staff, Heads of Departments, IT support, caretakers etc etc
They can list these too and identify different times when they have had different roles in different types of team.
They will use a different language and words to Belbin below.
The Belbin material is included for the descriptions rather than the titles. Scouts are more likely to invent their own terminology. The important bit is that depending on the people available at the time, we might need to learn to be all the roles and realise when we need to switch. What would happen if everyone was Captain or everyone was a Goalie or no-one was a Captain.
It's the needs of the team that is important in team working not always just playing to our strengths.
Scouts should end up with a list or table of teams they have been/are in and roles they had/have.



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