IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Nature Observer Option 01

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1. Visit a mountain, seashore, river bank, or woodland. Describe or draw what you can see, hear, smell and feel. (Hula Hoops)


 Hula hoops (not the crisps!)


Aim of Badge
To observe what is happening in your natural surroundings.

This Badge has four options of which four must be completed

The Hoops

• Place a hoop on the ground or on grass for each Six.
• Ask the girls to sit quietly and look within the circumference of the hoop. What can they see?
• Discuss their findings with them.

360 Degree Activity
• Explain what 360 degrees is in simple terminology.
• Ask the Brownies to find a spot and turn 360 degrees saying “if I turn 360 degrees I wonder what my eyes will see and what my ears will hear”.
• Encourage them to really look. They may find it useful to do this in the same place at different times and different seasons.
They could record the changes in a nature diary.
Depending where they stand they may see man built things, e.g. houses, or, there may be a fly, a spider or an ant on the concrete.
• This activity will open their eyes to their own personal environment and help them to understand that places vary.
Hopefully they will be encouraged to look around themselves when they’re in a new place.
• You could bring compass points in at a later stage e.g. turn to the east, south, north west etc.


Trefoil News Summer 2018
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  • Visit a mountain, seashore, river bank, or woodland

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