IGG Guide Farmer General Workings Section 2. Describe the function of three pieces of farm equipment/machine

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Aim of Badge: To understand the elements of farming.
The Guide must complete four options taken from any of the four sections.


 Toys – try to collect farm toys from younger siblings
 If no toys available, collect pictures of farm equipment
 Farm equipment list (overleaf)


• Read/discuss the equipment list and add to it as other ideas arise. If you have a toy/picture to display the machine/equipment all the better.
• Then divide the girls into teams.
• Give each team a scenario e.g. spring has arrived and it’s time to put the cows out to pasture but the field is full of weeds.
• The girls must find the matching toy/picture of the machine/equipment that will solve this problem.

Additional activity:
Assign a machine/piece of equipment to each girl (leave out tractor). They must line up in order of use for certain tasks within one minute.

For example ‘harvest time’ – the girl with the plough lines up first, followed by the girl with the harrow, then the seeder, the spreader, the combine, the baler and so on.

Acknowledgement/Source: http://farmingequipmentcanada.com/
Trefoil News Summer 2018

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