IGG Guide Green Fingers 2. Name six garden tools and how to care for them

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Aim of Badge:

To encourage an interest in gardening.

This Badge has five options of which five must be completed.


 Photocopies of the garden tools template overleaf.


Week 1:
• Discuss with the Guides the garden tools that they may have at home.
• Ask one Guide to take notes.
• Assign each Guide with a tool and request that they bring a photo of the tool and instructions on how to care for it to your next meeting.

Week 2:
Each Guide presents her picture and the care instructions.

Game: Photocopy the garden tools template and cut out each part.
Mix up the pieces and ask the Guides to match them together.

Game variations:
1) Running game.
2) Place the template pieces upside down. Guides choose pieces in turn and try to match all three parts.

Acknowledgement/Source: Fin’s Garden Centre, Macroom
Trefoil News Summer 2018

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