IGG Guide Green Fingers 4. Explain the difference between plants suitable for indoors and outdoors and the care and feeding of s

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Aim of Badge:
To encourage an interest in gardening.

This Badge has five options of which five must be completed.


 Photocopy of the templates overleaf.
 Pictures of indoor and outdoor plants.


Week 1:
Ask the Guides to list common indoor and outdoor plants. Ask one Guide to take notes.
Assign one plant to each Guide. Request that they bring a photo/picture of the plant to the next meeting and find out if it is an indoor or outdoor plant.

Week 2:
Each Guide presents her picture and her information.

Games: Photocopy the template with the care instructions for plants and cut out each part.
1. Each Guide places her picture under the relevant ‘outdoor plant’ or ‘indoor plant’ sign.
2. Ask the Guides to place the care instructions under the relevant outdoor and indoor signs.

Game variations:
- Running game.
- Place the pictures of plants upside down and a Guide chooses a picture. With her Patrol, they name the plant and state whether it is an indoor or outdoor plant.

Acknowledgement/Source: Fin’s Garden Centre, Macroom
Trefoil News Summer 2018

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