Five Flags Jigsaw Game

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Team game where Beavers have to collect pieces to make pictures of five flags.


Each team will need pictures of five flags, ideally A4 size. They will need a second set, ideally on card or laminated, with each flag cut into four pieces.


Muddle up all the jigsaw pieces from all the sets and place face-down at the far end of the hall. Split Beavers into teams. Members of each team take it in turns to race to the pile of pieces and bring one back until there are none left.

Using their picture as a guide, they begin to make up their flags. However, as they have taken pieces at random, they are unlikely to be able to make complete flags.

The Leader then takes one unwanted piece from each team and places them face up in the middle. This provides a 'pool' of pieces for swapping.

On the command 'swap', one Beaver from each team takes another unwanted piece to the pool and exchanges it for another. They return to their team and see if they can add it to their jigsaw. They continue to swap until one team has completed all their flags.


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