The Great Space Race

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Teams race on space hoppers to decipher a code at one end of the hall using a key at the other end of the hall.

This can be themed as the cubs being part of mission control and having to take their 'jumpship' to the space station to decipher the SOS from their astronaut friend.

Start by providing a background on the original Great Space Race to tick off a part of the Astronomy badge


Space hoppers
Key sheet (attached)
Coded message sheet (one attached but could be altered using pictures from the key sheet to suit age groups)


Split the pack into groups (could be Sixes) and give each group a pen/pencil and a coded message sheet, which is from an astronaut who needs their help. Send them to one end of the hall which is Mission Control.
At the other end of the hall, place the key sheets and tell the group that the sheets must stay where they are. The key sheets are in the Space Station.
Give the Cubs a space hopper per team and explain this is their Jumpship, the only way they can get from one end of the hall to the other.
Cubs must take it turns to look at one picture on their sheet, hop on the Space Hopper and decipher the picture, then hop back, fill in the message sheet and pass the space hopper to the next team member.
The winning team is the first one to fully decipher the coded message.


  • code breaking
  • code cracking
  • space
  • space hopper

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