Baking Soda and vinegar rockets

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Using plastic pop bottles, card, baking soda and vinegar Cubs design their own rockets.
The chemical reaction between bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and vinegar produces carbon dioxide to fire the rockets into the air. This covers part of the science badge as it develops cubs understanding of aerodynamics and a chemical reaction.


Plastic bottles ideally 1L
White vinegar
baking soda
Rubber bung
Paper towel


Create fins and nose cone for rocket
Fill bottle with 1/8 vinegar
Put one spoon full of baking soda on a sheet of paper towel
Roll the paper towel tightly around the baking soda
Put the paper towel roll into the bottle and quickly put the bung in.
Put the rocket facing upwards and stand back


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  • Rockets
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  • vinegar

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