Flag and flag pole creation

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Unit designs their own flag and builds a flag pole to fly it on.


6 broom handles - £10 from screw fix
Plain white flag - £3 from amazon
Thin rope / para cord / string about 15- 20 meters
Permanent markers multi colours
Ground pegs


Split the explorers into smaller groups.

Group one are given a couple of pieces of white paper and colouring pencils and instructed to design a flag that will represent the unit when camping or at events outside of the hut. They are to design a flag for the unit. Once a design has been agreed the most confident explorer can copy this onto a flag using the markers.

Group two are given the broom handles, para cord, pegs and mallet and told to build the tallest flag pole they can. (If you have enough resources you could make several teams building flag poles and the highest one wins.)


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