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A way to create a DIY Karaoke, so you don't have to hire a karaoke machine!


Stereo with microphone and auxiliary or USB input
Tablet (iPad or other)
Auxiliary or USB cord (for connecting tablet to stereo, ie headphone socket to auxiliary input - you may be able to use wifi instead if you have a fancy stereo!)


Ahead of time:
Get your unit to brainstorm songs/artists etc they wish to sing at Karaoke
Save Youtube karaoke videos to your tablet - you can download these from Youtube using Youtube Red - this requires a subscription but the first month is free (make sure your unsubscribe if you don't want to pay!). There are numerous other apps or plugins for browsers that will download and save Youtube videos for free but these are always changing - search for a current one using Google.
To find the karaoke videos search for "Song title" karaoke. If not found this way try "Song title" lyrics, "no lead vocals"
If needed create a playlist of videos

On the night:
Connect tablet to stereo using cord
Set tablet propped up on a table so singer can see
Connect microphone to stereo
Load app that plays videos
Play videos and sing along

Consider getting girls to look at what songs are available ahead of time and nominating which one they want to do (and who with).


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