Spy / Mission Improbable Capers

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Wide game , which works for smaller and larger Groups as well as for all sections.
A little bit like a treasure hunt with a theme, can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours , depending on how many are playing.
This is an active game which requires running around.
Works best outside, however can be played inside as well.


3 or more Leaders (with large Groups the more the better)
Base Grid (download and amend to whatever theme you see fit, I have done a Spy / Mission Improbable one, but works with any theme)
10 - 15 pictures of your theme or download the Spy / Mission Improbable one
Laminator and pouches (for durability)
Pen for the Groups to tick off their picture card on the grid


Print out or make your own resources.
Print the Grid and customise it for your needs,
Print the Picture sheet or customise it to your needs
Laminate the picture sheet, cut into even sized cards and letter with a marker according to your grid so you have for example:
It's a Bomb picture with an A
Print as many sheets as you have Groups and Letter them accordingly (will attach an example photo)
You only need 1 Grid
Your Groups are told what Letter they are (A-Z , each group has one letter)
Distribute all the cards between the Leaders taking part, mix them up when you are distributing them.
Each Leader should have an equal amounts of cards.
Nominate on Leader to supervise the base.
Explain that all Groups have to find the picture card corresponding with their letter (A-Z) , one card at a time, bring it back to base, show it to the leader at base and tick the card off the grid. They have to follow the card order on the Grid and cannot just bring back any random card with their letter on.
In the meantime the Leaders who hold the cards, hide somewhere in the playing area.
Teams are then sent out to find the Leader with their card. They as the Leader they found for their card, if he/she has it, had it over to the YP, who then takes it back to base and sets out again to find the next card.
To make it more difficult (older Groups) Leaders can move position or swap cards with another leader , or both.
The game finishes when the first 3 teams have found all the cards.
We give prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd


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