Patrol Challenge Activties 2

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A second set of patrol challenges for fun but also to help patrols work together and bond. Here are four challenges
frog lily pad challenge plus ring challenge
Spiders web
Blindfold square
Get in line


frog lily pad- two sets of coloured bibs or a different way to split your group into two identified sides and set of number of squares one more ten your group.
ring challenge- three posts or make your own base five rings of increasing size
Spiders web- long rope and rope to weave two large posts to make a web
Blindfold square- blind folds and long rope tied together to make a large circle
Get in line- bench or something for then to stand on low to the ground.


frog lily pad- split your patrol into two small groups and give each half a set of coloured bibs (one group blue and one red) have them stand in two lines facing each other task is to swop side but they can only move one lily pad at a time and can only jump over one frog if the pad on the other side is clear.
Ring challenge- is to pass all rings from one post on to another in size order smallest at the top to largest at the bottom.
Spiders web- leaders to make a spiders web how uneven the holes in the web is up to you. The task is for the patrol to send all member through the wed one at as time till all members are at the other side. A scout can not us the same hole as another. If a member of the group touches the web at any time they must all start again.
Blindfold square- the patrol are all blindfold and are given the circle rope on the command they have to try and make a perfect square. If this is done see what other shape they can make.
Get in line- With minimum communication or with no talking get the patrol in different orders e.g. size, age, house number etc.


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