Human Noughts and Crosses

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Human Noughts and Crosses is a fast paced version of noughts and crosses adapting the 2 numbered teams style of game.


9 chairs (alternatively, if playing outdoors, use hula hoops for the player to stand in)
2 teams


9 chairs or huila hoops should be placed in the middle of the room or playing area in a 3x3 grid formation.

The group should be split in two and then made to line up against opposite walls facing inwards.
Each team should be numbered with each number corresponding to the other team.

The leader should call out numbers and that number from both teams must run and sit down on one of the chairs, or stand fully inside the hulahoop, as fast as they can and show their team symbol (noughts or crosses). The person that sits down on the chair they wanted first wins the round and gets to stay sat down.

Be careful when sitting on the chairs not to fall or sit on someone else.
You must be sat down and with your symbol held above your head first to stay stay down.

You may chose to play this game in silence to stop them from helping each other and planning where to go.


  • Chair game
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  • noughts and crosses
  • team building
  • team game

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