River Crossing

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Team building game where the Young People try to cross a river (Hall) (using mats/chairs/hula hoops, as stepping stones).


Mats /carpet tiles, chairs or hula hoops


The Young People have to get from one side of the hall to the other, working as a team. So they start on one side, with 3 mats per team (team must have at least 3 young people) and are given instructions that they can only step on the mats and must all cross the river - and it is a race. They must start again if they "fall in".

They need to work out that they need to work as a pair, placing three mats down, stand on the first 2 then pass the last mat to the front person, and kind of leap-frog along. If they leave too big a gap between the mats and jump they will not be able to reach the last mat to pass it on and so will "fall". Once across the river, one must go back to collect the next person and so on.

For additional challenge, use chairs or mats - one per person - and the whole team must cross together. When each team completes the task, remove an item, and go again. keep removing until only two left. This extends the game. Great fun with two teams racing each other. Remember, they need to get ALL the mats/chairs and themselves across, each time. One step down and the whole team starts again!


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