Spymaster Crack the Code

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2 packs compete to crack the code first!


codewheels - see downloads - print on card
coded messages - see below


Give each young person half a template sheet each with the three wheels on. Ask then to cut out the wheels very carefully. Stick the two biggest circles together back to back (small dab of glue only if using the laminator).
If laminating, now laminate the large and small wheels.
Get an adult to carefully make a hole in the centre of each wheel using a skewer into a wood block, put the small wheel on top of the larger wheel with the white centre, and clip together using a split pin.
Your wheel is now ready to use for various activities

Play the spy disguise game - Teams line up with a pile of old clothes in front of them (shirt, hat, scarf (perhaps false glasses/nose disguise), trousers (cut-offs but adult size is fun)) enough for one of each per team. On go, first team member runs up and puts on one of each item and runs to their spymaster (an adult) to receive a message - they take this back to the team after undressing (we took photos of each in disguise to send home later) and the team decode it could be a verbal message such as "Next member to sign letter R in semaphore (or sign language) to the spymaster". Next member then runs up, dresses up, passes on answer to decoding (or performs action) then gets new message, undresses and passes on etc.

Game is fun, uses memory and message passing skills skills for communicators badge and uses code breaking wheel.


  • code cracking
  • code wheel

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