Blind Bowling

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Bowling but blind.


- A set of bowling pins (bottles can be used).
- A bowling ball (any ball can be used for bowling).
- Necker/scarf to blindfold the bowler.


Set up the bowling pins at the end of the hall and then decide on a place for the scouts to bowl from.
Split them up into pairs so that everyone has a partner, one of the pair will put a blindfold on to stop them from seeing.
The partner must then spin the blindfolded scout several times and then (without touching them or guiding them), use only verbal communication to guide their direction to bowl.
Count up the number of skittles they knocked down and then give them that many points.
The teams swap who has the blindfold on and the other person has a go.
The person with the most points at the end wins.


  • blind
  • bowling
  • Partners, pairs

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