Oceans in a bottle

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Create an 'ocean' effect in a bottle using oil and water. Teach about densities and about oceans.


an empty plastic bottle with a lid
clear vegetable oil or baby oil
a funnel
blue food colouring


1. First, fill the bottle halfway with water. Add a few drops of blue food coloring and swirl it around until it mixes.
2. Using a funnel, add oil almost to the top of the bottle. Leave a little room for the oil and water to move around. Put the lid on tightly. Seal with tape. You may want to put a little hot glue around the rim if you’re worried about it leaking.
3. Now rock the bottle on its side gently to create a wave that goes back and forth.

Added extras: You can add in small pebbles or toy fish for an extra ocean effect.



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